The Ebix Health User Group (EHUG) provides a forum that empowers our users through the free exchange of ideas, assisting users in maximizing the value and productivity of their LuminX application. Our primary objectives are:
  • To establish a forum for LuminX users to share knowledge and ideas about the Ebix Health system
  • To inform all users about the status of Ebix Health activities, new features, and enhancements
  • To relate to Ebix Health any common problems, concerns, and suggestions brought forth by users
  • To facilitate the sharing of information between users
  • To promote the further application of LuminX among users and non-users
  • To support enhancements that will improve LuminX
The annual conference and EHUG Shared Enhancement Process are the primary methods of accomplishing these goals. 
One thing that makes the EHUG community so unique is the strong tradition of invaluable mutual support. Though we are often competitors, EHUG members recognize that cooperation around shared needs and principals is essential to our success.
The group is governed by a volunteer Executive Committee — elected from the membership at large. One voting member of the Executive Committee is an Ebix Health staff member appointed by Ebix Health. Each member company is eligible to cast one vote if they are in attendance at the annual business meeting. The Executive Committee welcomes the input of all members and encourages individuals to seek election to the committee.
Although the user group was officially incorporated in 2003, our rich traditions began in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the need to bring LuminX users together was recognized, and dedicated volunteer leaders brought the first groups together. As we evolve to meet the changing demands of LuminX users, we strive to embody the energetic and cooperative spirit of the early leadership.
We remain committed to making sure that substance and value are the hallmarks of the user group, and are always ready to welcome new members.


Member benefits include:
  • Access to the EHUG member directory – you can search for fellow users by company, individual name, or job title, and make contact by email or EHUG social media
  • Discounted conference fees for the annual meeting of fellow LuminX/Ebix Enterprise users
  • Information about TPA support vendors and first-hand testimonials from active LuminX/Ebix Enterprise users who rely on these partners
  • A say in the priority of LuminX/Ebix Enterprise system enhancements and the ability to defray costs for system updates through member dues
  • Insight into issues and developments via the monthly e-newsletter and EHUG Headlines
Remember: It is only $500 for your entire company! If your company is not yet an EHUG member and would like to become one, or if you have any membership questions, please email William Gieler at William.Gieler@Ebix.com.


EHUG EC President
Chief Information Officer,
Wellfleet Group, LLC
Eric Mountain
Committee Member
Manager of Product Development and Support, Ebix Health
Mountain has more than 40 years of industry experience ranging from software design, development, and support of applications from healthcare benefits, ERISA plan management, local government software products, and a vast array of custom created business applications. He began his career with an entrepreneurial effort that he maintained over a 25-year span before joining the Ebix Health team in 2002. His tenure at Ebix Health has involved not only management of the LuminX product development efforts, but also creating implementation guidelines and strategies, setting up and implementing project management philosophies, and working together with the Ebix Health management team to prepare for the support of new product offerings and additional target client arenas. During his 14 years with Ebix Health, Mountain has enjoyed working with many of the organization’s clients (and vendor partners) to maximize the benefits that LuminX (and now EbixEnterprise) bring to the table.
Heather Miessler
Committee Member
Senior Vice President Operations,
Benefit Management, LLC
Stephanie Clark
Committee Member
Quality Assurance/Claims Manager,
IMA, Inc.
Heather has been a key leader within Benefit Management since the company’s 1995 inception. As the senior vice president of operations, she fills many functional roles and works across multiple areas of focus, including claims, customer service, plan building, stop loss, and new client and vendor integrations. Additionally, Heather oversees the development and implementation of new tools aimed at improving her team’s efficiency and accuracy while also developing the policies that govern their efforts.
Lisa Norman
Committee Member
Vice President, Claims,
ACS Benefit Services, LLC
Raymond Johnson
Committee Member
Project Lead,
Aetna Voluntary
Johnson began his career in the insurance industry in 2000 with limited benefits TPA Strategic Resource Company (SRC) in Columbia, SC. SRC was acquired in 2005 by Aetna, and he now works for a division, Aetna Voluntary. In his 17 years, he has worked in a variety of roles acquiring solid knowledge of both the TPA and carrier business: claims management, operations management, finance, and information systems - where he currently holds the role of project lead. Over the past 12 years, SRC/Aetna Voluntary has utilized LuminX, and Johnson has become the subject matter expert, assisting all areas of the business and IT with issues and enhancements related to LuminX.
Corrine Livesay
Committee Member
Director of Operations,
Frates Benefit Administrators
Committee Member
Manager Corporate Systems
& Reporting,
Corrine Livesay was born and raised in Sacramento, California. Her career in the employee benefits industry began in 1996 with a third-party administration firm where she assisted in the creation and administration of unique consumer-driven health solutions centered on reimbursement accounts. In 2006, she broadened her knowledge base of the industry by joining Gallagher Benefit Services as a benefits consultant to fully-insured clients. December 2011, Corrine relocated to Oklahoma City and shortly after she joined the Health Services TPA division of CL Frates & Co., now known as Frates Benefit Administrators. Corrine is the Director of Operations for FBA and oversees the all of the day-to-day operations for the company.
Howard has been with CFA, LLC since 1988. Howard has been the Manager of Corporate Systems & Reporting since 2004. The area is responsible for the setup of new business on the LuminX System, coordination of the PBM shared data files, EDI file transmission, CEW setup, vendor integration, ID card production and ADHOC reporting.